Off-Beat Fonts.

At Off Type, we offer silly/playful/charming/wonderful/fun fonts that are really really well made, so that wherever you use them, they’ll work hard and look dashing/great/perfect/amazing/just-how-you-imagined-them.

The typefaces themselves are a vibrant/ecstatic/electric/charming hodge-podge of inspirations, legacies and letterforms – from royalty and rockets to the silver screen and b-sides.

You can download free trials of all these bad boys today. We’re not here to tell you how to use them. We’re just here to give you the tools you need. Really well-made, weird tools.

πŸ‘½ Seriously off-beat fonts.

Off Type offers everyone free access to top-quality fonts for personal use, with commercial licenses available for purchase. This allows those who use typefaces the most (designers) to play and work with the free fonts in their entirety and when they are used in a commercial project, the client or employer (or you) can purchase the required license.

If you have any questions about how all of this works, head over to the FAQ section or for any other inquiries don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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