Bulb infuses the timeless charm of old punch printers with the brilliance of light bulb.

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A Zirconium light bulb quests in the dark, worrying the fallacious juvenile pixels.


Let there be light! Introducing an enduring luminosity to the world of Off Type, Bulb infuses the timeless charm of old punch printers with the brilliance of light bulbs, embodying the captivating allure of light leaks – overlapping, growing and colliding in constellations.

In casting a spectacular glow that dances across the page, Bulb has an ineffable splendour, from its shimmering darker weights to its clarifying monoline cut. Unlike traditional weight axes, Bulb employs a unique Watt-based axis, ranging from 100β€”its dimmest glowβ€”to 900, where it’s at its most blurry and brilliant. Radiant in its versatility. Type in a new light.

Bulb comprises three distinct sub-familiesβ€”Bulb Classic with its classic contrast, Bulb Reverse with reverse contrast, and Bulb Monoline. Each family and style is also adorned with a delightful array of icons and glyphs, there to help shed some light on the situation, if necessary.

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